Best cosplay wigs for large heads (Helpful Illustrated Guide)

When it comes to finishing off a costume for the convention, the perfect wig is a detail that can make or break the entire look. As someone with a large head, I always have trouble with masks and wigs. I wanted to share what I’ve learned over the years to help you find the perfect fit.

How to measure your head

The best way to measure your head is with a cloth or paper tape measure. These cost a few dollars on Amazon, or you can pickup one for free at Ikea. With the tape measure place it horizontally around your head at the center of your forehead. The normal range is between 20 and 25 inches, and if you fall in between you’re save getting a standard sized cosplay wig. Don’t worry if your head is less than 20 inches, we have a guide for that here.

Choosing the right hair style

If your head is larger than the 25″ threshold, there are still plenty of options for wigs. We suggest going with a longer hair rather than a bob cut. This will allow the wig to provide full coverage even if it doesn’t reach the base of your neck.

Pick an adjustable cap

There are three options for the cap of the wig. This is the material under on the underside of the wig that goes against your head. The three types are a full closed cap which can be the most restrict and hard to fit, a mesh/knit cap that has a loose netting on the underside. This is great because it provides more flexibility. The third type is the adjustable cap which is like the mesh/knit type with the inclusion of straps. This allows it to be made larger or smaller similar to adjusting bra straps.

I’ve seen adjustable wigs go to 28″, but on the off chance that you need something slightly larger, I’d recommend using a ponytail older as an extension to the strap on the underside of the wig. This can add 4″ on each side allowing the wigs to go to 36″.